I/O error

Tom Hahn thahn at hahntech.com
Sat Oct 20 13:59:00 CDT 2001

> does anyone know what i/o error 87 is?
> I kinda get fed up with this dam codes not being listed anywhere.

To the best of my knowledge, these are correct:

DOS Errors

1	Invalid DOS function number
2	File not found
3	Path not found
4	Too many open files
5	File access denied
6	Invalid file handle
7 	Memory Control Blocks Destroyed
8 	Insufficient memory (NFI)
9 	Invalid Memory Block Address
10 	Invalid Environment
11 	Invalid format
12	Invalid file access code
13 	Invalid Data
14 	Reserved
15	Invalid drive number
16	Cannot remove current directory
17	Cannot rename across drives
18	No more files
19 	Disk write protected

20 	Unknown unit (not a Delphi unit - internal to DOS)
21 	Drive not ready
22 	Unknown command
23 	CRC error
24 	Bad request Structure Length
25 	Seek Error
26 	Unknown media type
27 	Sector not found
28 	Out of paper
29 	Write fault
30 	Read Fault
31 	General Failure
32 	Sharing violation
33 	Lock violation
34 	Invalid Disk Change
35 	FCB unavailable
36 	Sharing buffer overflow
37 	Code page mismatch
38 	Error handling EOF
39 	Handle disk full ??
40..49 	Reserved
50	Network request not supported

51	Remote computer not listening
52	Duplicate name on network
53	Network name not found
54	Network busy
55	Network device no longer exists
56	NETBIOS command limit exceeded
57	Network adapter error
58	Incorrect network response
59	nexpected network error
60	ncompatible remote adapter
61	Print queue full
62	Not enough space for print file
63	Print file deleted
64	Network name deleted
65	Access denied
66	Network device type incorrect
67	Network name not found

68	Network name limit exceeded
69	NETBIOS session limit exceeded
70	Temporarily paused
71	Network request not accepted
72	Print or disk redirection is paused
73..79	Reserved
80	File already exists
81	Reserved
82	Cannot make directory entry
83	Fail on Interrupt 24
84	Too many redirections
85	Duplicate redirection
86	Invalid password
87	Invalid parameter
88	Network data fault

I/O Errors

100	Disk read error
Reported by Read on a typed file if you attempt to read past the end of the

101	Disk write error
Reported by CloseFile, Write, WriteIn, or Flush if the disk becomes full.

102	File not assigned
Reported by Reset, Rewrite, Append, Rename, or Erase if the file variable
has not been assigned a name through a call to Assign or AssignFile.

103	File not open
Reported by CloseFile, Read Write, Seek, Eof, FilePos, FileSize, Flush,
BlockRead, or BlockWrite if the file is not open.

104	File not open for input

Reported by Read, Readln, Eof, Eoln, SeekEof, or SeekEoln on a text file if
the file is not open for input.

105	File not open for output
Reported by Write or Writeln on a text file if you do not generate a Console

106	Invalid numeric format
Reported by Read or Readln if a numeric value read from a text file does not
conform to the proper numeric format.

Critical Errors

150	Disk is write protected
151	Unknown unit

152	Drive not ready
153	Unknown DOS command
154	CRC error in data
155	Bad drive request struct length
156	Disk seek error
157	Unknown media type
158	Sector not found
159	Printer out of paper
160	Device write fault
161	Device read fault
162	Hardware failure

Fatal Errors (and Exceptions)

200	Division by zero [EDivByZero]
201	Range check error [ERangeError]
202	Stack overflow [EStackOverflow]
203	Heap overflow error [EOutOfMemory]
204	Invalid pointer operation [EInvalidPointer]

205	Floating point overflow [EOverflow]
206	Floating point underflow [EUnderflow]
207	Invalid floating point operation [EInvalidOp]
210	Abstract Method Error [EAbstractError]
215	Arithmetic overflow [integer only]	[EIntOverflow]
216	Access violation	[EAccessViolation]
217	Control-C [EControlC]
218	Privileged instruction [EPrivilege]
219	Invalid typecast [EInvalidCast]
220	Invalid variant typecast [EVariantError]
221	Invalid variant operation [EVariantError]

222	No variant method call dispatcher [EVariantError]
223	Cannot create variant array [EVariantError]
224	Variant does not contain array [EVariantError]
225	Variant array bounds error [EVariantError]
226	TLS initialization error
227	Assertion failed [EAssertionFailed]
228	Interface Cast Error [EIntfCastError]
229	Safecall error [ESafecallException]


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