How to replace VW wiper blades.

Installing new wiper blade refills into Volkswagen wiper blade assemblies.

This is for 2003 Passat and whatever models that use the same kind of stock Volkswagen wiper blades.

As we know, these are supposed to be non-refillable wiper blades which are only sold by Volkswagen and cost $80.00 a pair.

Here is the procedure for using off the shelf wiper blade refills that you can buy anywhere. I have done this many times on these same wiper blades and it always works.

This is the package of two refills we bought at the auto parts store for $7.00 We need 21" long but we bought 22" long because that's the closest they had. That's ok, we can cut them to fit with scissors.

This is the kind we need. This is important. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of refills. We need the ones with a skinny top rib like this. If the top rib is any thicker, it will be too hard to get it into groove in the assembly.

The two ends are different.

We need this end. It has the square metal end inside when looking from this view.

This end has a V shape in the metal inside. We DON'T want this end.


Insert a small flat screwdriver in the end to wedge between the metal strip and the plastic cap.Gently twist the screwdriver around to push the plastic cap off the end. Be gentle, the plastic could break.



The plastic cap is off.


Now, there is a metal prong that sticks into the rubber blade. Its purpose is to keep the rubber blade from shifting around. We have to pry this up just a little bit so we can get the blade out. The other end does not have this prong.


Insert the small screwdriver tip under the prong and twist to bend it up. Just enough to not be sticking into the rubber. The whole prong is welded to the main metal, so don't break it off.


Here it shows the prong bent away so its not sticking into the rubber.

Now we can slide and pull the rubber blade out completely from this end.

Our new blades. These blades happen to come with two metal strips on the sides for the certain kind of blade arms that need them. We don't need them so take them out and throw them away.

This is our new replacement blade:

The top groove of the blade slides into the metal groove of our blade arm.

If you bought a kind of refill that had a slightly bigger piece of rubber for the top groove it could be really difficult to slide it into the groove, but these slide in nice and easy.

Now it's all the way in. But its too long, so we just cut it off.

Pull it out a little so we can trim it off and push it back in.

Now, take some pliers and squeeze the prong down flat. Back to where it was. It will poke into the rubber.

The plastic cap just snaps back on when you push it over the end.

All done.

In case you didn't know, The left and right blade assemblies are different and have to go on the correct side of the car. On my car I can tell they are on the wrong side if the passenger side one hits the side pillar a little bit.

by Doug Rudd